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European Tilt and Turn Windows

Unlike traditional windows, the Tilt and Turn window system offers two unique opening positions from a single window pane.

Catana windows offer Increased quality, security, energy efficiency and fully unobstructed views making our European Tilt and Turn window a true investment for your home.

You will be awed by what you see!

Experience Tilt and Turn Window functionality

With a simple turn of the handle, Catana's Tilt and Turn window and patio door can be used three ways.

A breath of fresh air

The tilt position lets in the fresh air at the top of the window without creating a draft. It also keeps your little ones and pets safe inside.

Easy access

With a further turn of the handle, you can open the entire window inwards, allowing for full ventilation and easy cleaning.

A room with a view

When closed, the sleek window design gives you unobstructed views and maximum natural light.

house secure
Locking System Locking System

The most secure home window to offer peace of mind

Whereas standard windows only lock in two places, Catana's European Tilt and Turn windows and patio doors are built with a multi-point locking system that secure at nine different points around the window. Steel reinforcements in the frame and sash and extra strength and protection.

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Catana window cutaway

A home window with a clear view
and no drafts

Catana's European Tilt and Turn Windows are designed to allow fully unobstructed views of the outside. Sleek glass panes without cross-sections enable you to enjoy your property and landscape views without distraction.

When in the fully locked position, the multi-point locking system ensures your home window is sealed against the frame, conserving energy by preventing any drafts. The glass is also 30% thicker than standard glass, further enhancing energy efficiency and saving you money.

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A front entry door that will be
the envy of the neighborhood

The front entry door is the focal point of a home. It's where guests are welcomed and families come and go. The front entry door should reflect the owner's character while providing a high level of security.

Catana offers a wide range of front entry door styles to compliment any architectural design. Never compromising on quality or security, Catana front entry doors are fitted with a multi-point locking system with locks that are virtually burglar proof.

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Sliding doors big enough to drive an SUV through

Large sliding door

Architects and builders shouldn't have to settle for standard sized patio doors
when working on a large home or a property with magnificent views.

Catana offers oversized sliding doors, designed with a lift/slide system, that
incorporate large glass panes. Fully customizable, Catana can provide the best
fit for any property.

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