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Catana offers custom window sizing as a standard.

Our windows are tailor-made to perfectly fit your home, giving you optimum performance and style.

A multitude of design options are available, providing you the best window for your home.

Introducing our newest product line - Unilux Luxury Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows

Wood is natural. Since the beginning of time we have appreciated wood as the most ideal of all building materials. Its warmth, noble atmosphere and beauty accompany us in all areas of our life.

With a weather resistant aluminum covering you can enjoy wood’s naturalness without having to maintain the exterior. Aluminum is a natural shield against the elements; and with that we have reached a landmark in window construction.

Unilux Window Line

Explore a few of the reasons why Catana’s European Tilt & Turn Windows are perfect for your home!

window numbered

Unique Functionality

Unlike traditional windows, the Tilt & Turn system offers two unique opening positions. The tilt position lets in the fresh air at the top of the window without creating a draft or being fully exposed to the outside.

With a further turn of the handle, the window pane swings inwards, allowing for maximum ventilation and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

window tiltandturn

Multiple Configurations

Catana windows can be produced in multiple configurations, to incorporate Tilt & Turn windows with fixed windows. Transom windows can be added to any configuration.

  • window fixed

    Single Fixed Frame

  • window doubletiltmullion

    Double Tilt & Turn with Mullion

  • window 3across

    Fixed with Tilt & Turn

  • window 4across

    Fixed with Tilt & Turn and Transom

  • window 5across

    Fixed with Tilt & Turn and Transom

The above is only a sample of the possible configurations. Additional configurations are possible up to 60 sq. ft. (5.57m²) per window. Please contact us for more information.

window cutaway

Maximum Energy Efficiency

Catana Windows are made of glass that is 30% thicker than standard windows, greatly reducing temperature transfer from the outdoors, in. Multiple air chambers and steel reinforcement within the frame provide addtional insultation.

The multi-point locking system guarantees a tight seal around all four sides of the window, eliminating any cold drafts.

30% Thicker Glass

Improves sound and thermal insulation, and reduces energy consumption.

Reinforced Steel Frame

Prevents windows from losing their shape and preserves the window’s condition.

Multiple Air Chambers

Allow for better air circulation while minimizing heat transfer.

Sophisticated Locking System

Incorporates 3D adjustable hardware, ensuring proper window alignment.

Superior Security

Standard windows only have two locking points and are reinforced with either foam or nothing at all.

Catana Tilt & Turn windows have a multi-point locking system that secures at nine different points around the frame, making them virtually impossible to pry open. Steel reinforcements in the window and frame add extra strength and protection for complete peace of mind.

Unobstructed Views

Catana Tilt & Turn windows are fully unobstructed, no matter the size or shape of the window.

Sleek glass panes without cross-sections allow you to enjoy your property or view without distraction.

Finishes to match any exterior

Catana windows are available in a wide range of colours, or with a wood grain finish. Classic white comes as standard, or you can customize with up to two different finishes; one finish can be applied to the interior and one to the exterior, to perfectly match your home’s design.

This is only a sample of the available colours. Please contact us for more information.


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