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Installing windows yourself could cost you more!

June 22, 2018

While homeowners might be tempted to install their own windows to save money, this often ends up costing more than having professionals do the job.  Window installation isn’t an easy DIY project. It requires a high level of precision, the right tools, and skill.  

Before attempting the installation yourself, it’s important to be properly prepared and to understand the potential risks. Most often, hiring a professional is the best course of action for this kind of home improvement.   

Even the smallest mistakes can have big consequences 

Making a mistake when installing windows can cost you big bucks. Being off with the alignment even slightly can result in windows that are hard to open and close or that let in drafts and leaks. On top of the cost to rectify misaligned windows, which is substantial, they can also reduce the energy efficiency of your home, leading to increased monthly utility costs.  

Accurate measurements are key 

Taking accurate measurements is one of the most important steps in the replacement process. After all, finding out your new windows don’t actually fit is an expensive problem! Experienced window companies know exactly where to measure and will ensure the dimensions are correct from the start.  

Installing windows can be dangerous 

Windows can be heavy and hard to manoeuvre and unless you’re only installing new windows on the ground floor, there’s likely going to be a ladder involved at some point.  Installing new windows comes with physical risks – to you, your helper(s), and to the window itself. To avoid injury and damage, call in the professionals. Trained installers know the best and safest installation methods. 

You need the right tools and materials 

Unless you’re a DIY junkie, you may only have basic tools at hand. A hammer, measuring tape and level are a good start but other specialized tools and materials are also required for window installation (i.e. power tools – which can be an investment in themselves). Professional window installers bring all the correct equipment with them, so you don’t need to lay out extra for tools and materials that you may only use once.  

Trimming out new windows correctly is crucial  

Once a new window is in place, correctly trimming out the interior and exterior of the frame is crucial for preventing drafts and moisture (and even insects) from entering your home. Using the wrong insulation or forgetting to leave a few holes in the caulking for water to drain can result in mould growth and reduce your overall comfort. Professional window companies know the steps to take and the materials to use to make sure your windows are sealed properly all along the frame.  

Do it right the first time and have your windows installed by a professional 

Buying new windows is a big investment for the home, and having them installed by a professional will ensure they last you a long time. 

If you’re looking for new windows and doors, Catana can help! Our European style tilt & turn are extremely versatile and offer superior security and energy efficiency. Our professional team of installers will ensure they a seamlessly fitted to your home, so you can enjoy the many benefits they bring to the home. Come see us today! 



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