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A year in review: The top window trends of 2017

January 22, 2018

It’s a new year and we’re excited to see what it has to offer! Each year brings new window trends, designs and decorative styles.

To kick things off, and to give you some inspiration for 2018, we’re taking a moment to look back at the top window trends of 2017.

Energy Efficient Windows

With household energy rates steadily increasing in Canada, energy efficient windows have become more popular as people seek to reduce their heating and cooling expenses. Typically, windows classed as ‘energy efficient’ feature thicker glass, thermal fillers, weather stripping and/or special coatings that improve insulation.

By installing energy efficient windows, heat loss can be prevented while still allowing sunlight into the home. Replacing old windows with energy efficient ones is actually cost-effective and, over time, the windows pay for themselves due to the reduction in energy bills.

Colourful or Black Window Trim

In 2017, we saw people become more willing to experiment with window colours instead of always choosing standard white or brown frames. Vinyl windows in particular are available in a multitude of shades, enabling homeowners to add more personality to their houses.

Black trim also became an interior design favourite last year, especially when contrasted against white or light coloured walls. Many people fell in love with the elegant appearance of black trim and it’s ability to make windows pop out from the wall, like framed works of art.

Smart Windows

If you’re digitally savvy and looking to invest in new windows, smart windows could be the perfect solution! Last year, we saw the interest in smart windows grow significantly, which is no surprise as more and more aspects of the home are becoming wirelessly connected.

Many smart windows have security features such a monitoring system that alerts your smartphone when windows are unlocked, and digital windows often contain environmental sensors that automatically let in or block out light, depending on the time of day, outside temperature and room occupancy. We may not be flying to work on personal aircrafts yet, but smart windows are next level stuff!

The New Focal Point

The focal point in a home’s main living area has traditionally been something that people gather around, like a fireplace or a television. However, in 2017, more people started to reconfigure their spaces to make windows the focal point, usually to highlight an impressive view.

Simple steps like rearranging furniture can make windows the focus of a room. Or, for those looking to carry out a full-scale renovation, floor-to-ceiling window walls or large-scale bay windows can be installed to create a stronger connection between the inside of the home and the outside.

Bold Curtains

A big trend in 2017 was to dress up windows with bold curtains. Big prints and bright colours were popular, and worked particularly well in rooms with one-toned walls and minimalist design.

For homeowners wanting to update the appearance of their space without blowing the budget, purchasing new curtains is affordable way to refresh any room.

Jump into the New Year with European-style Tilt & Turn

2017 was, without doubt, an interesting year for windows. Some of the trends discussed here will likely carry through 2018 along with the introduction of some new styles. Energy efficiency is sure to still be firmly on the agenda, as people want to save money and become more eco-friendly. Smart windows will also continue to grow and evolve throughout 2018 as new innovations and technologies become available.

This year, we predict classic styles will make a come back and people will further embrace making windows the focal point of their homes so as to highlight impressive views and bring the outdoors inside.

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows in 2018, European-style Tilt & Turn windows offer the complete package: energy efficiency, security, unobstructed views and a multitude of colour options. To learn more, visit or call Catana Windows and Doors today!

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