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Five ways to decorate your windows this Christmas

December 12, 2017

Christmas is a time for friends, family, and celebrations. It’s a time for gathering together in the home, feasting on delicious Christmas treats and enjoying each other’s company.

Many of us welcome in the festive season by adorning our homes with an array of decorations. From Christmas trees to stockings, tinsel, and wreaths, there is no shortage of ways to ensure your home is full of festive spirit.

Although they tend to be over-looked, decorating your windows is a great way to enhance the seasonal décor of your home and can create a magical atmosphere, both inside and out.

When it comes to decorating your windows for the festive period, there are an endless number of ideas and styles to choose from – think snowflakes, ornaments, pinecones, gifts, advent calendars, and more! Looking for some inspiration? Here’s our rundown of five ways to decorate your windows this Christmas:

Advent Window

Advent calendars are fun for children and adults alike, being a whimsical way to countdown the days till Christmas. Turn your windows into an advent calendar by numbering small bags or boxes and placing a gift, or even a note, in each one. Once you’ve compiled your calendar’s treats, simply hang a clothesline across the window and attach the numbered bags using clothes pegs.

Each day your little ones (or big kids!) will have a blast opening the bag or box and discovering the treat inside.

Let it snow, let it snow!

Thanks in large part to the classic Christmas song, many people associate snow with Christmas. In Canada, in particular, it doesn’t feel quite like the holidays unless there is a blanket of powdery snow covering the landscape. Even if Mother Nature isn’t cooperating, you can create your very own white Christmas with window decorations.

Start by hanging a lacy tablecloth from the top of the window for a quick valance, and attach paper snowflakes from the curtain pole using festive ribbon. You can either buy your paper snowflakes ready made, or have fun making them yourself with nothing more than paper and scissors. Snowflake decals are also a quick and easy way to give a wintery look to windows – simply peel off the backing and stick them right to the glass.

Decorating your windows in a snowy style not only looks great from the inside, but it’s also sure to impress your neighbours from the outside too.

Beads and Baubles

Decorating Christmas trees with beads and baubles is a long-standing Christmas tradition, believed to have started in Germany. These same decorations can be used on your windows, carrying over the much-loved look to every area of your house.

Drape beaded garland strings from your curtain rod for a pretty swag. You can mix up the colours and sizes to fit in with your other festive décor. Baubles can be hung from the garland for an added touch, or you can use string or ribbon to hang baubles from the curtain pole. Try hanging them at different heights for a truly magical effect!


Wreaths are another traditional symbol of Christmas. Most often, a wreath is hung from the front door as a festive welcome for visitors, but they also look lovely and inviting hung from windows, particularly at the front of the house.

What’s more, if you tuck end of the wreath’s ribbons behind your blinds, it will appear as though your wreaths are floating in mid air! Fresh wreaths look incredible but there are also great synthetic options available if you prefer being able to reuse your decorations.


Ribbons are a great and simple way to add a generous dose of Christmas spirit to a window. Drape lengths of coloured ribbons across your window, allowing them to hang down the sides of the frames. Unleash your creativity with different colours, textures, and lengths. You can even tie the ribbon so your window looks like a wrapped present.

There are a whole host of ways to decorate your windows this Christmas. Try the options listed above or add your own unique twist for a truly special result. Trust us, simple touches make all the difference!

To find out more about ways to decorate your windows, or to learn more about the unique benefits of our windows and doors, contact Catana today!

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