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Is it Time to Replace Your Old Windows and Doors?

September 9, 2016

Have you ever had to use half of your body weight to lock or unlock your front door? Or hang plastic over a window in the winter to keep the cold air out? If so, it could be time to replace your windows and doors, as these are indications that your home’s security and energy efficiency aren’t what they should be.

Here are a few other signs that it could be time for an update:

Rotten Wood

With a certain level of exposure to the elements, wooden windows can begin to rot. The rot can occur in the window sash (the part that slides up and down) as well as the frame built into the wall. If either section starts to deteriorate, it’s best not to wait too long to replace the window, as rot can spread quickly and affect other wooden structures in your home.

Condensation Between Panes

When condensation forms between glass panes in either windows or doors, it is usually a good idea to replace them entirely. Condensation indicates that moisture is building up between panes, which can be destructive to a home. Moisture build up can penetrate the walls, deteriorating wood framing and reducing the effectiveness of insulation.

Lead Paint

Older homes, built before 1960, may still feature lead-based paint - and that warrants an immediate replacement. Lead in paint is a health hazard that can result in lead poisoning or brain/nervous system damage. If you think your home’s windows or doors contain lead paint, you should first have the paint tested by a professional. If the presence of lead is confirmed in the paint, then replacement of the windows and doors is only safe option.

Warping Wood

When wooden doors and windows are manufactured in dry climates and installed in moist climates, they can bend out of shape. Singular boards can occasionally be straightened out, but the damage to wooden doors and windows with paint and glass panels will be permanent. Warped windows and door won’t operate correctly, and can allow air to escape or enter your home, driving up your monthly energy bills. They can also pose a security risk, as locks won’t fasten correctly.

Your windows and doors affect your home’s value, security and energy efficiency. If you detect any of the above warning signs, your windows and doors likely need to be replaced. Catana tilt-and-turn windows and doors are made with high quality, safe materials, allowing you to control your home’s airflow, and providing beautiful views with top rated security. Contact us at Catana Windows to improve your home today!

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