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The Top Reasons Why You Should Replace Your Old Patio Door With a Tilt & Slide Patio Door

June 1, 2017

Spring and summer are popular times of the year for undertaking home renovation projects, particularly replacing windows and doors.

Often, after the snow and cold have been replaced with sun and warmth, people begin to notice the wear and tear and decide to take action before drafts and air transfer become a problem again. In the warmer months, homeowners also don’t have to worry about heat loss from windows and doors being removed and installed.

If you’re in the market for a new patio door this spring, European-style Tilt & Slide doors are a great option for every home, as they have been designed with unparalleled security, ease-of-use, energy efficiency and style.

Here are the top reasons why you should consider replacing your old patio door with Tilt & Slide patio door:

1) Security

Tilt & Slide patio doors are steel reinforced in the frame and contain a multi-point locking system that secures the door at several points around the frame – with only a simple turn of the handle.

The added security means you can rest easy at night or when you’re away from your home on your summer vacation.

2) Unique Functionality

Standard sliding doors only work one way – they slide from the left to the right to open, or in reverse to close. Tilt & Slide patio doors, on the other hand, can be used two ways. With a turn of the handle, the door remains fixed to the wall but tilts inwards at the top, allowing fresh air to enter a home while keeping pets and children safe inside. With a further turn of the handle, the door changes position to become a sliding door, allowing full ventilation and access to the outside.

The added functionality of a Tilt & Slide door means you can let in the fresh air, even when you don’t want full exposure to the outside.

3) Energy Efficiency

The glass used in Tilt & Slide patio doors contains a coating of laminate, making them virtually shatterproof, and greatly reducing air transfer to and from the outdoors, which will save you money on heating and cooling bills.

Every house moves and settles over time, throwing doors out of alignment, and often causing drafts. Tilt & Slide patio doors contain sophisticated 3D adjustable that allows for easy re-alignment when needed.

4) A classic aesthetic with a view

Tilt & Slide patio doors have a classic look that never goes out of style. The glass is fully unobstructed, giving you a clean, clear view of your property, and the frames come in a wide range of colours or wood grain finishes. You can even customize the frame with up to two colours. One colour can be applied to the interior of the door to match the inside of your home, and another colour can be applied to the exterior of the door to compliment the brickwork or siding.

Getting started is simple

Catana Windows & Doors has been providing European-style Tilt & Turn products to Canadians since 2010. If you’re thinking about replacing your old patio door, contact Catana today for a free estimate or more information on the benefits of Tilt & Slide patio doors.

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