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Why European Tilt & Turn Windows are Perfect for Canadian Homes

November 2, 2016

Canada is known for its winter climate. With temperatures dropping to a chilly -30 degrees (or colder in places), its no wonder our country is often associated with ice hockey, polar bears and igloos. The winter months can be long and harsh so Canadian homes have to be properly equipped to keep the cold air out.

Europeans have long favoured tilt and turn windows because of their functionality, security and energy efficiency, amongst other reasons. What many people don’t realize, however, is that tilt and turn windows are also a perfect fit for Canadian homes. Here are a few reasons why:

Unique functionality that withstands even the coldest temperatures

Tilt and turn windows function in two ways. With a turn of the handle, you can tilt the window inwards at the top, which is great for letting in a little fresh when the house is feeling stuffy. Additionally, with a further turn of the handle, the windows swing fully inwards, allowing for maximum ventilation and easy access for cleaning.

Having windows that open inwards like a door is particularly beneficial during the winter months when traditional sliding windows tend to freeze shut. The tilt and turn design prevents frost built-up around the seal, meaning you will never struggle to let in the fresh air.

Unmatched energy efficiency that will make a difference to you pocket book

Tilt and turn windows incorporate a sophisticated locking system and multiple air chambers within their frames to staunchly keep cold air from entering and hot air from exiting the home. Moreover, the glass in tilt and turn windows is 30% thicker than in standard windows, which also helps to improve sound and thermal insulation. These features greatly reduce energy consumption, and the associated cost savings over time can be significant.

Fully adjustable hardware that can adapt to your home’s movement

Houses in Canada tend to shift and settle over time due to the drastic changes in temperature. This can lead to regular windows being misaligned, making them hard to open. The multi-point locking system in tilt and turn windows incorporates sophisticated 3D adjustable hardware, which allows for easy realignment of windows.

Steel reinforcements in the frame further prevent the windows from losing shape, and help to preserve the window’s condition for a very long time. This means you never have to deal with wonky windows that let the cold air enter or the warm air escape.


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