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Winter is coming – time for the Fall Clean!

October 3, 2017

Around April, when the weather gets warmer, many homeowners throw open their windows to let in the fresh air and undertake the “Spring Clean.” This top-to-bottom housecleaning exercise is meant to refresh the home after a long winter, ridding spaces of all the dust, dirt and clutter that accumulated during the colder months.

While a spring clean makes sense – after all, people tend to feel more ambitious when the sun (finally) comes out – a Fall Clean is also important, as it ensures that your house is functioning properly and is ready to withstand the elements. Not sure where to start with a Fall Clean?

Here’s a list of top tasks to undertake before you hibernate for the winter:

Inside the home:

1. Steam clean carpets, rugs and mats

Fall is a good time to steam clean carpets, rugs and mats, as it’s usually still warm enough to have the windows open or to take rugs and mats outside to dry. Cleaning carpets and rugs indoors in the winter, when the house is shut up against the cold, can lead to excessive moisture being released in the air, causing dampness. If you don’t have your own equipment, local professionals can usually do the job quickly and efficiently.

2. Inspect and clean the furnace, and replace the filter

With the cold weather on its way, Fall is the time to make sure your furnace is in good working order. HVAC professionals have reported that 75% of all calls related to heating issues are the result of a lack of furnace maintenance so it’s a good idea to have your furnace inspected annually.1 Replacing the filter every three months will also ensure that your furnace is circulating clean, fresh air and will help to keep your furnace from becoming clogged with dirt.

3. Remove dirt and debris from windowsills and tracks

If you want to keep the cold air out and the warm air inside, now is the time to tackle window maintenance. Debris from sand, leaves and other sources can collect in windowsills and along the tracks. This can cause the window seal to deteriorate, resulting in energy loss, condensation, and frozen windows. Dirt also tends to build up in the tracks and grooves, affecting the window mechanisms that allow the window to open and close. A thorough clean of the windowsills and tracks will help to ensure that your windows function properly during the winter.

Outside the home:

1. Check and clean the gutters

Leaves and other debris can clog gutters, causing water and precipitation to run over the side and pool around a home’s foundation. This can lead to cracks in the foundation, leaks and other damage.2 As such, it’s a good idea to clean your gutters regularly to keep them draining water away from your home. Or, at the very least, it’s essential to check gutters in the Fall, after all the leaves have fallen off the trees.

2. Clean and sort the garage and clean the garage door tracks

The garage collects the most dirt and debris of any other room in your home, and it also tends to be a favourite place for clutter. Since you’re going want the space for your car when it’s sub-zero and snowing outside, Fall is the time to clean and sort the garage. It’s also a good idea to inspect your garage door tracks to make sure there is no debris that will catch on the rollers. Simply wipe down or vacuum if needed.

3. Clean window exteriors

Leaving dirt and grime on windows can permanently damage the glass so it’s important to clean your home’s windows at least twice a year. However, Canadian winters can make it difficult, if not impossible to clean the exterior of windows, which is why it’s a good idea to tackle the job before the snow starts to fall.

With that said, some windows are easier to clean that others. If you’re looking to upgrade your windows, the unique functionality of European Tilt & Turn windows make them easy to clean, and perfect for Canadian climates. With a turn of the handle, Tilt & Turn windows swing fully inwards, allowing you to clean the outside of the window no matter what the weather is like. The double paned glass in Tilt & Turn windows is fully unobstructed, making cleaning easy and letting in maximum light all year round. For more tips, and to learn more about Tilt & Turn windows and doors, contact Catana today!



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