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A room with a (bad) view: 5 ways to reclaim your windows

February 28, 2018

Not all views are created equal. Some people throw open their blinds in the morning and look out over a stunning city skyline or rolling hills and valleys. Others, however, raise their shades to be greeted by a brick wall, graffiti, or a neighbour’s unending laundry, hung out to dry in the backyard. If your view is less than impressive, why not try one of the following creative ways to reclaim your windows:

1. Etched or frosted glass - or a peel!

When you’re looking to let in daylight but block out the view, then etched or frosted glass could be the perfect solution. “Etched” and “frosted” are both terms for decorative, translucent glass that obscures visibility while still letting light through.1 Etched panes of glass can be quite intricate, created in complex pattern or designs, whereas frosted glass tends to cover an entire panel or section of a panel, sometimes with simple designs.

If you don’t have the budget to replace your current windows with etched or frosted glass, there are glass films available that serve the same purpose but for a fraction of the cost. Good quality glass films are easy to install (they simply adhere to the windowpane) and won’t damage the glass, enabling you to change the design whenever you want a different view.

2. Bird feeders outside and plants inside

Hang a birdfeeder outside your window and watch as nature comes to you. Not only will the birds provide entertainment, but you could find yourself watching squirrels play outside your window too. Adding some hanging plants inside also helps create a natural oasis around your window (and might be a better alternative to the bird feeder if you don’t have easy access to the outside).

Get creative with the hanging plants – a mix of flowers and long vines will create a colourful, vibrant presence. If you have a deep enough windowsill you can also use it for displaying smaller plants, like succulents, or even for growing herbs.

3. Choose new window treatments

Last year, window treatments in bright colours and bold prints were a top window trend that has definitely carried over into 2018. Cheerful or dramatic designs can help to draw the eye away from what’s outside the window.

Stay away from drapes and black out blinds if you want to keep your space bright, as they’re meant to block out light. Instead, try a sheer curtain over the window or install shutters, which can be positioned partially open for light to filter in. Not sure where to start with window treatments? Check out our handy guide.

4. Window shelves

Normally sited as a storage solution for small spaces, window shelves are a great way to distract from a bad view. Shelves can be lined with an assortment of personal effects, from plants and books to souvenirs, photographs and kitchen goods. A great way to showcase your personal style while blocking out the industrial waste bin outside!

Glass or acrylic shelves allow more daylight to filer in than wood, but wood can be painted to match the window trim or to contrast so they ‘pop’ – a further distraction!

5. Refocus the room

Changing the layout of your furniture can work wonders to refresh a room – and draw attention away from the outside. Make sure seating is facing away from a bad window view and ideally towards a focal point like a fireplace or an engaging piece of art. With the window in the background, it can simply serve its basic purposes to allow light and air into the room.

Small changes make a big difference

Just making small changes can greatly improve a window with a bad view. Hanging plants, colourful curtains, floating shelves and windows peels are all affordable ways to make your windows a welcome sight site (and hide whatever hurts your eyes). For more tips on improving your view, or to talk to us about the benefits of our European Tilt & Turn windows, contact Catana today!



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